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Prof.Sambhaji Kadam

former dean Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai,  renowned portrait painter, musician, poet,

art and literary critic.

Art adds a real beauty to the lives of those who experience it, which serves as inspiration to truly touch people with our collection. 'kadamsartstudio' is a distinguished online site, showcasing the amazing artworks by Kadam family. Collectors can also get in touch with 'artconserve' art restoration studio run by Radhika Kadam.  Browse our site and get in touch with us.




Kadam's artstudio is founded by Shardul Kadam young Indian Contemporary Painter, son of Prof. Sambhaji Kadam (legendary portrait painter, anesthetic, critic, poet and harmonium player)  and Jyotsana Kadam (eminent Painter and writer). New generation of this Artist couple decided to launch a digital space where art enthusiasts could read, find and buy Art creations by Kadam family. Our Online Art website has carried a best originals and offered at the most competitive prices. Check out our collection today.